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 Post subject: Underneath the Australian Sun - Sand Man Associated Discuss
PostPosted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:43 pm 
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Darned topic names are too short, XD Anyways, Map attached to post as zip.

Screen Length = 61 screens (36 screens above 8-bit average, 33 screens above classic series average)

Stage Gimmick: Disappearing Platforms: Green platforms that quickly disappear when you stand on them for longer than a split second, reappears after a few seconds.
Twister Sister's Twisters: Pink tornadoes that carry you along with them if they catch you, same twisters that the mid-boss uses.
Yoku Blocks: Blocks that disappear and reappear in a set pattern.

Enemies (In order of appearance):

Sand Wanaan: Gigantic, bear trap like robots that live in the sand, they pop up the moment you're underneath their jaws and bite down, their location is given away by a large amount of disrupted sand. Gigantic versions of the original Wanaans essentially. Deals 7 damage.

Met: Pops up from its hat and shoots a spread of three shots before returning, fires in a pattern but will break said pattern if you have projectiles on screen. Shots deal 3 damage, Met deals 2 crash damage.

Sasoreenu: Scorpion robots that pop out of the ground and run along it until they stop. First appeared in Pharaoh Man's stage. Deals 4 damage.

Shotman III: Enemies that run along frantically firing shots everywhere (slowing the game down in the process). Shots deal 2 damage, deals 3 crash damage.

Cactisu: Cactus Met that shoots a spread of three spikes if shot or moved past. Spikes deal 3 damage, deals 3 crash damage.

Shield Attacker XLR: Standard Shield Attacker enemy, shield cannot be shot off by Bass. Deals three points of crash damage.

Bombabee: Robot bees that swoop down and throw bombs. Bombs deal 4 damage, deals 1 crash damage.

Mid-Boss: Twister Sister: Gigantic snake robot. Its head moves back and forth and fires pink twisters that catch you and throw you into the spikes. Only weakpoint is the rattler tail that pops up from its body. Twisters deal no damage, deals 6 crash damage.

Boss: Sand Man:
Movement: Runs and jumps around, the jump is random, deals 4 crash damage.
Attacks: Arm Cannon: Fires a single shot from his arm cannon that is aimed directly at you. Deals 3 damage.
Sand Shield: Throws up a shield that stops all standard shots, Sand Man only uses this if you shoot while he is not attacking in some way. Deals 5 damage.
Sand Cloak: Summons a sand storm that pushes you to the right of the screen and shoots three shots from random positions. Sand Man cannot be harmed or touched during this move and reappears where he started the attack when the storm ends. Shots deal 2 damage.

Weapon: Sand Shield: Functionally the same as Sand Man's attack, has 6 uses.

Mega Weapon: Rush Jet: Mega Man summons Rush in jet form, he can then hover around with total control over his movement, has enough energy for about 14 seconds of continuous, uninterrupted use.

Bass Weapon: Bass Grenade: Fires a grenade that rolls along the ground, explodes when it hits something other than the floor, has 18 uses.

Weapon Location: At the end of the first instance of disappearing platforms

Letter Location: To the left of where you start, guarded by a Sand Wanaan.

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 Post subject: Re: Underneath the Australian Sun - Sand Man Associated Discuss
PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:16 pm 
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I must say, Sand Man's Sand Cloak attack is absolutely fitting for him, mostly due to his sand theme and the fact he likes to cheat, the latter referring to his bio.

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 Post subject: Re: Underneath the Australian Sun - Sand Man Associated Discuss
PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:56 pm 
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Sand Man's cloak is a nice attack yes, honestly, he's one of the better RMs quality wise, IMO.

Anyways, Stage analysis is go:

Room 1: Right to the left of where we begin is the G letter, guarded by one of the few Sand Wanaans in the game, for some reason the framerate on this leftmost segment is noticeably slower than the rest of the game. That leftmost path is a dead end, however, so the right is where you need to go. The rightmost route starts off with a met, but very quickly drops into the only Sasoreenu section in the stage, which is honestly less dangerous than Pharoah Man's because the sand here is solid. After that are more mets and the rest of the Sand Wanaans, which for all of the damage they do, they're remarkably easy to kill if you're cautious.

Room 2: A small room with a few small health powerups if you hugged the right wall when you jumped in in the first room.


Room 4: Borderline empty drop, if you hug the right in the previous screen and this one, you can snag a weapon tank.

Room 5: The end of the drop, with a large and small screw at the right end.

Room 6: One of the many marathon rooms in this level. It starts out with some spike pits and two Shotmen IIIs, I should add that I hate these things, so hard to dodge and the framerate drops when one's on screen. After that is the first appearance of Sand Man's disappearing platforms, which disappear when you land on them and reappear after just a few seconds. This set of platforms guards the secondary weapon, and since it's Rush Jet (if you're Mega Man) be sure to grab it.

After that is your first Cactisu, which isn't much more threatening than a regular met, and then a bit of a split path, the top part containing two Cactisu, the bottom part being a slide only route, meaning Bass will have to fight his way through. Then you're treated to good ol' fashioned Mega Man level design with the disappearing platforms returning, over spikes this time. This time also contains some trickier jumps, so you'll need both precision and reaction to manage it.

The next segment of disappearing platforms also guard GOODIES, like the first one did, specifically, an E-tank. This also introduces a strange pink tornado that will catch you and carry you along, and like the disappearing platforms, it's not dangerous, yet. The final segment of the disappearing platforms is just some quick hops over spikes, nothing special. The room ends with another Shotman III and a twister that can push you into the spikes.

Room 7: MINI-BOSS FIGHT: Twister Sister: Oh, so THIS is where those twisters were coming from. Well, compared to the other midbosses, Twister Sister is actually pretty easy, the twisters she shoots from her head, which moves back and forth on her body, will bounce like the twisters from earlier, only they'll have momentum designed to fly into you, grab you, and drag you into the spikes in her room. Fortunately jumping out of them is easy enough, making the only real difficulty just hitting that freaking tail, which is her only weak-point and it is protected the head very, very, often if you're unlucky, if you aren't she drops pretty fast and pretty easily.

Room 8: The OTHER, marathon room. This one is championed by an army of split paths, Shield Attackers, Shotmen III, and a whole lot of goodies throughout the first little bit, it also has some pretty jerk moves on certain paths regarding dodging enemies, so it is a trick. After that is the (hopefully) only appearance of the Yoku Blocks in MMR, and these guys need no introduction. The first section requires some tricky timing, the second section is overtop of spikes, and the third section is LONG and has a few solutions to it, fortunately it doesn't pull a Heat Man on us, and I personally just cheesed the last one with Rush Jet, as it's quite tedious. After that are some dizzy-looking Shield Attackers and an M-Tank behind a destructible wall. Then there's a split with a wall of shield attackers on the top route and nothing on the bottom. Then a tricky to dodge Cactisu, and a split path, one with a shield attacker, two large screws, and a dead end, the other containing an easy to kill Cactisu and the ladder out.

Room 9: Not as long as the rest of the prison complex by a long shot, but it isn't a one screen room. If you run to the left, you can grab a Large Energy guarded by a single Shield Attacker. If you run straight to the right, there's a Cactisu guarding three small screws. The upper path that you can see when you climb up the ladder is the way out, and if you ignore the ladder, you can find a weapon energy up another ladder guarded by a Cactisu.

Room 10: Theoretically you're right back in Room 8, but I don't feel like backtracking my numbers. To the left of where you come from are three small energies, if you need the healing, and to the right is a Cactisu, a Shotman III, and the ladder leading out of this prison complex.

Room 11: A ladder room with a little...I guess you could say alcove, to the left that contains three small health pickups and a Shield Attacker.



Room 14: A quick little section where you shift to a different ladder that is guarded by a Shield Attacker.

Room 15: BEES AT NIGHT! This room serves as the introduction to Bombabees, and apparently you were inside the prison complex for so long that it turned to nighttime outside. Figures, it WAS a long complex. >_> Generally speaking, the bees will fly in every few seconds or so and drop bombs on you, and all the while you'll be dealing with an army of mets, the bees, I should add, are really freaking accurate, so be cautious and quick as you keep moving.

Room 16: BOSS CORRIDOR GENUINE YAY! This Corridor is a bit interesting geographically speaking, as it has a dip in the middle, but it is otherwise your average corridor.

Room 17: BOSS FIGHT: Sand Man: The format of this room is a pretty simple room with a sandy floor, nothing much to it, though the floor carries over to Skull Castle interestingly enough.

Sand Man is a bit simpler and more manageable in his random, he'll run back and forth on the battlefield, changing direction (if necessary) any time he jumps, and he'll occasionally stop to fire a single buster shot directly at you, changing direction if necessary, or he'll stop and throw out a Sand Cloak, a shoving, rightward aimed sandstorm which makes him invincible and, for a period of time, allows him to shoot some shots at you (three exactly) with impunity, before reappearing in his original location.

This fight is pretty cookie cutter, however, if you fire a shot while he is moving, he will instantly throw up his Sand Shield, which will protect against basically anything you shoot at him until the shield wears off, this makes it so you can really only hit him when he's shooting at you or throwing out a Sand Cloak.

This guy's random can make fighting him buster only a bit of a pill, as he is fully capable of jumping into you while you're jumping over him, or stopping and firing at you while you're jumping, which could mess you up in combat. As well, you need to watch for when he stops and shoots in order to even hit him without him throwing up his shield. Fortunately, his random is manageable, and it is possible to perfect run this guy regardless of your character, though it still takes a fair bit of luck to pull it off. Bass has it much easier of course, as Sand Man's more screwy randomness is rendered utterly useless by Bass' double jump.

Overall, Sand Man can be described as tedious, random, but ultimately doable, and he's boasting a LONG stage with some interesting sections but overall still too long.

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 Post subject: Re: Underneath the Australian Sun - Sand Man Associated Discuss
PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:42 am 

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Pretty good level! I have some minor upsets, but the enemies and boss were really well done.

1. Miniboss is a bit boring. Would be nice to have one other attack of some sort, especially since it can last quite long with the pseudorandom tail positions.
2. More sand sections! More Mets! The bees were a really neat enemy and the last section worked out pretty well. In addition, the outside areas look quite a bit better; the walls inside are kinda monotonous. The BACKGROUND inside wasn't too bad tho.
3. I like the enemies, but some of the whole multiple paths that don't do anything except have more enemies in them (as opposed to dead ends) are kind of bizarre. There's also a lot of negative space, empty sections, etc... maybe add some more walling and platforming. More block rooms, with interesting patterns?

All in all, a decent stage!

EDIT: OH, forgot to mention, doesn't Rush jet seem a little bit too easy to grab for such a powerful item? You can skip the Yoku section entirely with it, and it's not that hard to jump across a straight run of respawning platforms. Maybe add its own offshoot room or something?

EDIT 2: The platforms are bugged; they regenerate while you're paused. If you were bored enough, you could pause if you needed to inch across a platform to get across the entire room. Also, sometimes they don't disappear if you jump quick enough.

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