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 Post subject: Megaman: Nocturne
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The story:Some time after Dr. Lights Master type AI had cemented itself as the dominate robot archetype, a team of scientists working towards the same goal Dr. Light was finally finished their research. Having been beaten to the punch and never having built a prototype body, they published their findings and released their brand of self-aware AI, [I need an official name for this AI OS likely a string of letters and numbers] to the public, and mostly picked up what ever grants they could get for other research and went off their separate ways. This new alternative to the Master type robots was embraced by hobbiests and those with a lower budget due to its lack of the kind hardware standards the master types had. Due to, well hobbiests being hobbiest, the new robot type came to become predominately female, granting the type the nickname "Mistress" types.

Time passed, and although the mistress types would never hope to de-throne the Master types as the dominate robot model, Wily's constant theft of master types as opposed to the spotless record of the Mistress types, had lead enthusists to believe mistresses to be the safer of the two models, and the notion was gaining ground.

Some time after Wily's latest defeat, that all changed. It was the mistress' turn to try to take over the world, and a team of 9 ladies lead by someone only calling herself Rose claimed responbility for it. Oh, and she also mentioned "We won't make the same mistake Wily did, and we've already dealt with that "megaman problem"".

The playable characters:
Each playable character has his or her own unique standard abilities as well as at least four (but no more than 8) individual equipment pieces gained through special events hidden in levels (more on that later) AND a special weapon/ability given for collecting 8 plates on the stages.
Megaman: But... you ask, he was supposed to be dealt with! Well... Megaman gets a different scenario than the others.
Standard abilities: Megaman starts out with slide and charge shot.
Megaman ALSO gets:
Rush Jet
Rush Coil
Rush Marine
Megaball: Likely rebalanced for easier use.
Megaman recieves the Super adaptor for 8 plates: Not only does it behave mostly like it does in MM7, but a shop upgrades can give it's rocket punch the ability to grab items and/or enemies.

Bass: If Rose's team really did "deal with" megaman, Bass is going to have to beat them to prove he's the strongest. And if they didn't well Bass can't have that either.
Bass starts out with multidirectional rapid fire, double jump, and dash.
Bass also gets:
I have no idea yet. I'm toying with a treble marine and coil though.
For 8 Plates: Bass gets, treble boost. UNLIMITED TREBLE BOOST. Yes, that's right. Yeah, I know that breaks all platforming. BUT. Bass can't slide or shoot up in treble boost... and the game's already going to be balanced so unlimited air time isn't just easy mode. Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but if I can pull it off, it will be SO much fun.

Protoman: Mysterious as ever, protoman's helping out. Like usual, protoman deals more damage and takes more damage. Also reflects things with his shield, dashes, has a neat whistle while teleporting, usual protoman stuff.
Protoman also gets:
His own protoshield looking version of rush jet, marine and coil.
For 8 plates he gains: Maybe Big bang Blast. Not sure.

Image Really, this game should be about just her beating mistresses, but I figure people would want the option to play the classic guys.
Nocturne can't slide or dash. In fact, she has no standard way of increasing her foward movement speed.
She can however duck and crawl around and even is able to fire while doing so.
Her jump height is pretty normal, however if you press jump in mid air, it toggles her float mode, allowing her to slowly move in any direction for as long as she wants. It's slower than just jumping over things normally or moving along the ground though, so you might want to keep an eye on enemies. Don't worry though Nocturnes not completely helpless in float mode.
Unlike when she's not in float mode, where she can only fire pellets like megaman can, in float mode she can aim in 8 directions.
Nocturne ALSO gets from stage events:
I don't know. Nocturne doesn't have a support unit (if I make a sequel she'll get/gain access to one, but not in this game), so any ideas?
For 8 Plates: Nocturne regains her lost master weapon, Nightmare shock. Dr.Light mistakenly removed it when giving her the copy weapon system. It's unlimited use while equiped. It's not that damaging (on par with a standard shot), but it negates armor and most shields as well, and fires faster than megamans buster)... and a few things are weak to it.

Possible Secret Unlockable Charectors (some may become standard playables if I can be convinced to do so):
Roll: Sometimes she's just got to step it up and go for it. Ability wise she's a lot like megaman.
Her tentative weapon is a broom/vacuum wand while uncharged, a vacuum while charging, and a full fledged charge shot with power bonuses based on what was vacuumed up while charged.
Roll ALSO gets:
Items 1,2 and 3. She's borrowing some of Rocks older stuff for now.
Maybe Wire or Tango.
For 8 plates: I don't know. Adaptor would be silly in my opinion.

Auto: Because why not.
Auto gets that fireworks bazooka. Other than only a single shot, he plays like megaman sans slide. Maybe a dash.
Auto also gets:
Super Arrow (how does it hold his weight... oh wait... its SUPER)
Mm gameboy's carry.
Maybe Wire if Roll doesn't take it.
For 8 adaptors Auto gets:
Remote Eddie: You take control of eddie for a while and when your done, eddie spits out a beacon for auto to teleport to. Useful for those tight places. (I might just give auto this by default, and make the plates allow you to attack as eddie.)

THe shop/ items:

E tanks: Fills up health on use: Carry 4?
W tanks: Fills up all weapon energy: Carry 4
M tanks: Fills up everything: Carry 2 (maybe 4)
Beat: Pulls you out of pits: Carry 4
Extra Lives: Self explainatory. Carry 9
Teleporter beacon: Place a checkpoint on demand nearly ANYWHERE you please. Invalid places will place it in the nearest valid place previously passed (unless its were a checkpoint already is, in which case it won't let you place one). Carry 15.
Energy balancer: pick up energy while weapon not selected/weapon is full, fills up another weapon.
Power Generator: reduces weapon energy use for weapons.
Rocket punch: Effects vary by character: For megaman, increases range and adds slight homing to super adaptors charge shot. For Bass, gives treble boost a rocket punch change shot. Faster, but doesn't track as well as megamans. For others; Changes charge shot to rocket punch. After purchasing those that had their default charge changed can unequip and re-equip rocket punch free of charge in the store.
Magnet hand: Allows rocket punches to grab items.

The Robot [s]Masters[/s] Mistresses and Mistress Stages
Note:Mistress Stages are designed so that a certain mistress weapon will excell. The reason for this is that for any given mistress, defeating her will gain a weapon that will aide you in at LEAST three different stages (two against bosses, the third against the stage itself)
???-??? Cheer woman:
Cheerleader robot
Built by: ???
Weapon:Cheer hyper- As a weapon, the only thing it does is act like megaman's buster with different visuals. However, while charging, the player moves faster, jumps higher, and takes less damage and less knockback, and will not lose charge when hit.
Weakness: Film Noir
Secondary Weakness: Combat Mortar
Strengths: No weapon resistances or immunities.
Boss Pattern: Cheer will start by either flipping at the player, Jump at the player, or firing pom-poms (the angle of the shot is forward, but make have slight angles upwards), and will switch between the three actions after a while. After a set amount of time she will stand still, and start self cheering herself activating Cheer hyper halfway through. After the cheer is over she will return to her previous pattern, this time with Cheer Hyper active, reducing damage,
and making her entire pattern quicker. She'll spend the same amount of time in Cheer Hyper Mode as she did before starting to activate it. Her pattern then resets.
In short: Normal mode- Cheer- Cheer Hyper mode- Normal mode- Cheer.
With Normal and Cheer Hyper mode lasting the same amount of time.

Stage visual theme: Some sort of stadium.
Stage Gameplay Theme: Fake walls, highly mobile or multipart enemies
Slowly moves back and forth along the floor, turning at edges and walls, firing football missiles occasionally when the player is in front of it. At half health half of it exploded, and it just flies back and forth, only this time only turning at walls, and MUCH faster.
General notes: Designed for Scissor Flurry use.

CBR-001 Clip Woman
Giant Hairstylist robot
Built by: Cribble
Weapon:Scissor Flurry: Fires out like needle man's weapon until it hits a wall or an enemy in which case it will bounce off and circle upwards. It will only bounce off the same enemy once. Upon repeat hit it will disappear. If it is able to make a full circle it will also disappear.
Weakness:Combat Mortar
Secondary Weakness: Glass Cannon
Strengths:Not strong against any particular weapons.
Boss Pattern:
Clip woman jumps twice at a random distance and height towards the player and then rapidly throws several Scissor Flurries. She'll turn to face the player after landing. After three sets of attacks, she'll perform two jumps where she throws Scissor Flurries while in the air. Her pattern then resets.

Stage visual theme: Barber shop
Stage gameplay theme: Mostly flying enemies
Barber crab?: Wanders back and forth madly.
Jet Clippers: Flies foward.
Floating hair thing: Floats roughly in place for a while then spins in megamans direction at a decent speed. If avoided long enough, repeats pattern.
Moustache Guillotine: Acts like a thwomp. Can be safely stood on top of.
General Notes: I think I need a few more enemies and another gimick here. Stage based around Slumber pillow use.

AMR-001 Combat Woman
Combat robot. Obviously. Instead of a overly miltary like mine clearing robot, or demolition robot. This ones made for WAR.
Built by: Lieutenant Colonel Artillery Militsia
Weapon: Combat Mortar: High arcing explosive blast, floaty near the top of its arc, so it has a bit of air time. Highly damaging, decent blast radius, and breaks walls.
Weakness: Glass Cannon
Secondary Weakness: Film Noir
Strengths:Generally Durable, tends not to be damaged too much by anything. If its not a weakness, don't bother
Boss Pattern:
Combat always begins by firing an high arcing mortar round at the place right in front of megaman's starting position before going into her attack pattern. Combat cycles between her normal buster and her large cannon (fires something called Rectangle Pulse), switching between the use of them every so often. Her bsic pattern is to run back and forth turning at walls firing when megaman is in front of her. If megaman fires at her she will jump.
If she is using her buster: if she jumps she will keep moving in the same direction but turn and fire forward a few times in megamans direction. She will move in the direction she was facing upon landing.
If she is using Rectangle pulse, if shes jumps, she will attempt to jump over the player and fire downwards while in jump. If she's mid distance from the player and the player is in the air she will fire upwards.
At any time, the moment after a combat mortar is done exploding, regardless of her movement pattern, she will fire off a new combat mortar, overriding any shot she may have made at the moment. If she's runing in the opposite direction of megaman, she will fire the mortar so it hits behind slightly behind her current position, if shes in the air it will always be fired straight down.
Stage visual theme: Military base
Stage gameplay theme: lots Shielded enemies, and mostly terrain where close range is ideal for player, or is the only option.
(Currently unnamed): Invulnerable from front except for head. Fires missiles in sets of two, and another set soon after before having a break, and either slowly inching forward a bit, or standing still. bit of a damage sponge.
Sub-Boss: Undecided at this point
Hazzards: Image
During outside sections this tank and maybe this copter will fire at megaman from the background. If I decide to use both, the tank will be the first outside, and the copter the second outside section. If I decide on only one, it will be only the tank.
General notes: The stage is mostly inside the military complex, but the few (maybe two) sections it isn't will have the tank/copter attacking from the background mechanic.

ESN-001 Film Woman
Movie director Robot
Built by: Emni Sopht
Weapon: Film Noir: Prevents anything from firing, but not from moving. Includes death lasers, and some other hazzards. Also changes background pallete, lighting up dark sections. Deals small cone of damage to those weak to it.
Weakness: Scissor flurry
Secondary Weakness: Drill Rapier
Strengths: Immunity to time weapons.
Boss Pattern:
Film really only has one attack, throwing low bouncing film reels which she will do every so often, sometimes in mid air. She travels around the room by jumps that default to just higher than the film reels normally bounce followed by short running segments.
She will however occasionally stop and fire off her film projector, changing the attributes of everything in the room temporarily, to one of several effects, and only one effect at once:
Slow-mo: Everything in the room moves slower.
Fast-mo: Everything in the room moves faster.
Film-noir: Everything in the room turns black and white, moves normally, but only Film can attack. Megaman can only move around.
Low Gravity: Everything is now more floatly, and jumps higher, including Film and the bouncing film reels bounce higher.

Stage visual theme: alternates between backstage and on film/TV sets.
Stage gameplay theme: Lots of weak enemies with predictable spawn points. Some physics changes, maybe a laser or two.
Gremin: Spawn slightly off screen in small groups and then hop around destroying parts of the stage. What can be destroyed by them is unknown to the player before hand, but preset. They'll continue to destroy terrain until all nearby terrain that can be destroyed by them can be, or they are destroyed. Their movement is predictable and set until then. After everything is broken, they just randomly hop around.
Illusian DX: Act just like Illusians, except maybe create even more fake blocks at once.
Glass Joe: Hops back and forth, inching towards megaman. Punches when megaman is nearby.
Police Roader: travels along the ground in a straight line at megaman, turns around at wall or if passes megaman for too long. Semi-fast, weak, and usually has a spawner nearby.
General notes: Level alternates between back stage and on set. On set areas have enemies themed to that set, the sole glass joe of the stage is in a boxing ring set, the police roaders on a police chase set (maybe with a conveyor belt). Back stage areas are either empty, or contain Gremins, Illusian DXs or both. On set areas may have stuff like water physics, Ice physics or even reverse gravity, depending on whats using in slumber.

TLV-005 Glass Woman
Luxury glassware building robot.
Built by: Titania Law vi Venom esq.
Weapon:Glass Cannon: Exploding forward shot that creates a temporary area of damage upon impact with something.
Weakness: Drill Rapier
Secondary Weakness: Slumber Pillow
Strengths: Resistant to heat (Goes into a pinch type mode if they are used on her), Immune to Laser and Electric weapons.
Boss Pattern:
Glass Woman walks from one side of the room and back again the entire match, attacking at set intervals.
What attack she uses depends on distance from megaman and whether or not she's facing megaman at the time. The room has two crystal chandeliers.
While facing Megaman:
Melee range to medium rand: Glass woman swings a large glass sword that shatters when it its the ground. The glass sword hits HARD (Like one shoting protoman hard) Blocked by anything that would block a normal pellet shot. Three glass shard fly off in an forward spread, they deal minimal damage
Long range: Glass woman fires her Glass Cannon. She will slide back and stay stunned for a moment. Shots while stunned will push her back. She'll take damage if she slides into a wall.
A direct hit from her glass cannon shot is stronger than her glass sword, impact with the wall creates a decent sized field of lasers light and reflecting glass shards.
While facing away from megaman:
Melee range: Delayed glass sword. Will change Glass womans direction, but hits infront and behind Glass woman.
Medium range to Long range: Chandelier drop. The Chandelier from above megaman drops down. A new one will appear soon after.
If hit with a fire weapon, glass woman's pattern will change slightly. Instead of slowly walking back and forth, she with dash forward at meduim to short range with glass sword drawn, and continue until she can swing at megaman or hits a wall, in either case swings her sword, breaking it into glass shards that fly backwards in a spread arc. Glass cannon use also differs in that she does not stun after use, and won't take damage from sliding into a wall.

Stage visual theme: Expensive jewelry/glass works store.
Stage gameplay theme: platforming heavy, enemy types mostly appear in lines.
Glass Joe: Hops back and forth, inching towards megaman. Punches when megaman is nearby.
Hazzards: Pits, maybe spikes.
General Notes: I really need to figure out more for this. SUpposed to be build around Stitch crosser use.

SLP-001 Slumber Girl
Good nights sleep assistance robot. In other words, a cross between an nightlight and a teddy bear.
Built by: Somni Sopht
Weapon:Slumber pillow: Gravity affected 8 directional throwing weapon. Only is able to stun things not weak to it, but will drop flying and floating enemies.
Weakness:Primary: Stitch Crosser, Nightmare Shock
Secondary Weakness: Cheer Hyper
Strengths:Immune to stun weapons.
Boss Pattern: Slumber wanders around back and forth, spamming Slumber pillows in the players general directions. If one connects the player is stunned unable to move for a while, she stops, pulls out a large knife and then blindly charges at player.
Rapid button mashing of the fire button lessens the stun time.
Depending on the distance between the stunned player and Slumber (and whether the player button mashed or not), the stun may wear off before Slumber reachs the player. If the player wakes in time, and jumps over charging slumber, Slumber will bounce off the wall slightly, sending her knife flying back a bit and falling down herself, taking a moment or two to get back up. She'll have to retreive the knife before she's able to charge again.

Stage visual theme: dream like. (Not nightmarish, even for the boss and sub-boss)
Stage gameplay theme: "projectile" heavy, physics alteration heavy, and a dark section.
Stage hazards: Low visibility section, possible gravity alterations, and other physics things.
General Notes: Slumbers stage is intended to be designed around Film noir weapon weapon use, but there's a lot of interesting other things I can do with it. I'm likely going to split a lot of the really neat physics changing (Water/reverse gravity) between this stage and films. ALso... it looks like its going to combine happy whimsical stage visuals, with some pretty scary looking gameplay.

SN-002 Stitch Woman
Patchwork sewing Robot.
Built by: Styla Schema
Weapon:Stitch Crosser: If you're aware of what the magnet beam is, and what Super mario world fences are like, then the easy way to explain it is that it behaves like the magnet beam only instead of just a platform, it makes a plaform with super mario world fencing underneath and fires a needle. The hard way to explain the weapon is Chargible. Regardless of charge, Stitch crosser will fire a needle across the screen. The charge time determines how long the platform/ladder combo the needle creates behind it will be (sort of like the magnet beam but thicker, and with ladder-like physics as well (It's climbable sideways, and the top can be used as a platform)
Weakness: Cheer Hyper (I have no idea why, it just worked out that way)
Secondary Weakness: Scissor Flurry
Strengths: Generally strong against bashing weapons.
Boss Pattern: Boss room gimmick: Scrolls upwards based on battle, no visible cieling.
Stitch stumbles/shuffles around room back and forth from one wall to the next. If she is currently close to megamans elevation, during each trip from one wall to the other, she'll do one of two things: Fire her Stitch crosser across the room, creating a permanant row of random formation platforms (Or more accurately, ladders that allow horizontal climbing (I'll call these a stitch platform for convience)), which she will then hop up onto, or wait until she is semi-close to the player before short dashing to him, and then performing a bizzare stitch uppercut forming a vertical line of the stitch platform, which she will then grab onto the top, and fire the stitch crosser to the farthest wall, creating a line of platforms with a few randomly placed gaps, like normal. She then hops onto this platform. If Stitch is slightly above Megaman she will toss spools of thread down as she walks with random arcs to them. If Stitch is significantly above megaman/or the ground, she will begin to throw pin cushions to random places on the ground (or maybe a set pattern instead of random), but only one each will fall on each tile, until there is a full, even line of pin cushions. The screen will then scroll up a tile. This will repeat until both megaman is close enough to Stitch's elevation and Stitch is far enough from the top of the screen. Once stitch begins a pincushion line, she won't stop until the line is complete.

Stage visual theme: Textile factory (Or just patchwork stuff and thread)
Stage gameplay theme: High angle shots and tough enemies.
General notes: Level is build around Combat Mortar use, thus high health enemies and the toughest (or at least tankiest) subboss will be here.

PUN-001 Tooth Woman
Dashing SwordsDentist Robot
Built by: Professor Lucca Olivier Layton Ultina
Weapon:Drill Rapier: Melee range drill. Multihits as long as its over an enemy. Weak as single hits (Weaker than buster shot even) but hits often and ignores both shields and invulnerability frames (Well the player version ignores invuln frames).
Primary Weakness: Slumber Pillow
Secondary Weakness: Stitch Crosser
Strengths:No weapon resistances.
Boss Pattern:
Tooth will start with an Elpizo like rapier flurry dash. After that, she will jump over and behind megaman and attempt to slash at him, clinging to the wall if she has to. She will do this a few times. Then she will sword combo towards megaman, deflecting a shots fired at her if the drill hits them (think smash bros Marth's side B). She will then hop backwards, and repeat the process. At 3/4 1/2 and 1/4 health, she increases speed, and both adds a jump to her jumping behind megaman sequence, and an extra sword swing to her sword combo for the rest of the fight. A hit by her weakness will stun her momentarily, but she'll pick up her combo where she left off.
There's consideration for a ranged wind slash and a few other wind moves in here,

Stage Visual Theme: Medieval themed Dentists office.
Partial tileset and bossroom mockup

Stage Gameplay Theme: RUN MEGAMAN RUN. In other words, megaman needs to keep moving to survive, and extra speed would help.
(name undecided) Hops around, low health.
Toothpaste Wizard: Shoots a spread of three shots forward unless megaman is behind him, then runs in a straight line until he hits a wall, in which case he'll turn and run the other direction, and so on. Toothpaste wizards shot changes megamans color on contact, lasts until pause.
Floss Guard: Rather than using that blade, Floss guard will lash out a piece of floss from its top.
Wanaan CHOMP: They work much like they do in MM3, however their closed eye is visible while hiding and will slightly open when megaman is near, but not near enough for them to attack.
Stage Hazards: Crushing cieling.
General Notes: Not sure how many screens Tooth woman's stage will actually be, but I see the level having three major areas with a checkpoint between each. Area 1 will contain most of the enemy population (excluding CHOMPs). There will be a few chomps in area one to serve as an introduction to how they work, but not in any really threatening manner. Area 2 will be a crushing cieling/floor section, and will have a path to its secret area with extra equipment for the player. No Chomps at all here, while other enemies will appear later in the area, the main hazard is the crusher. Area 3 is wanaan city. Like area 2 only a relatively few other enemies, but the player will be pressed to keep moving. After area 3, boss.

The Fortress stages
General information: There will be 9 standard fortress stages and one secret fortress stage. In each of the first 8 fortress stages (in other words all but the last and secret stage) some where in the level will be a secret path that lead to a special mini-boss. If all 8 mini-bosses are defeated, the requirements for the secret level have been met. ALSO. option to replay any fortress level in case so you can go back.
THis is also where the rest of the story comes out, as the motivations of each member come out into the open. (Except Cribble)

Fortress Stage 1: Girly entrance
Cribble's area.
The boss: Cribble's Machine.
Stage visual theme: Likely really girly.
Cribble is the girliest member of the team. She's silly and easygoing, and no-one is really sure why shes involved in this. I'm not sure what her machine does, but it sets one thing right out there: fortress bosses are mostly two health bars here.

Fortress Stage 2
??? ???
The boss: Whom ever is behind Cheer woman being involved in this.
I think people can tell where I'm short ideas.

Fortress Stage 3: Unusual GAUNTLET
Styla Schema's stage.
Styla's hotblooded, brillaint, and doesn't always think things entirely through. If someone gave her a chance and some direction, she'd be quite productive. Styla threw everything into her passion, building advanced robots, the moment the mistress type AI appeared to the public. Unfortunately her first robot, although stupidly well built was based on a functionality no one needed (Really, who needs a chimney sweep in a futuristic city run by robots?). Canabalising the last of her money AND her stuff to build Stitch Woman, yet again she failed to sell her robot or attract the attention of someone willing to hire her. Eventually she met up Rose's group, and if the rest of the world won't recognise her talents, she figures she might as well use them to help take over the world.
Styla's can go off in a stange thought, but quite good at what she does, so both her stage and her machine will reflect this. I'm not quite sure what it is, but this stage is going to slightly harder (or just longer) than it really should be. A gauntlet of sorts. Maybe a maze. If its not longer it will have a few unique and tricky sections.

Fortress Stage 4: Doing it right
The adorable Somni Sopht's stage. Somni Sopht is the token child prodigy of the group. Unlike the typical stereotype, she's no adult mind in a childs body. Sure she understands robotics and AI far better than she should (she did have basic guidance from her elder sister while building Slumber though). Somni doesn't quite understand why she needs to help take over the world, but her sister says she should so it must be okay.
With that said, from what she's heard, there's supposed to be a robot rematch before the robocists machine, so thats just what she's going to do! She's not a bad person at all though.
Somni's stage is a breather from Styla's stage, consisting of only a room with a teleporter, A rematch with Slumber Girl, secret room behind Slumber's rematch arena for the hidden miniboss, and a room for Somni's one phase machine. Somni's machine, much like Slumber, is a mish mash of weaponised childrens toys (Or rather weapons mounted on a tricycle). DUe to its childish materials, and builder, the machine isn't quite as sturdy as it should be, so it takes damage after performing certain attacks.

Fortress Stage 5:
Emni Sopht's stage.
Emni's motivations are slightly unclear at this moment, but as far as backstory she lost her parents and had to raise her younger sister herself. With that said, she's a bit of a bad influence of an older sister. She's ticked that Somni was defeated though.
Not sure about her stage them, as Emni needs a bit more fleshing out as a character.

Fortress Stage 6
Professor Ultina's domain
Stage theme: Likely a very pretty something that isn't normally so. Like a classy sewer or something.
Prof. Ultina is a shy professor of robotics, largely motivated by a lack of education reform. She'll be the first to hint that several of these ladies aren't all bad and are largely motivated by trying to change things for the better. She specialises in making pleasant robots where of similair functionality aren't as pleasant (Dentist robots are TERRIFYING normally).
Ultina's machine is likely stylish in its own right.

Fortress Stage 7: Justice denied
Stage theme: Police/law inforcement/court house like.
Titania Law Vi Venom used to be a simple bright eyed lawyer who would take cases no one else would, small varied stuff at the time... until she hit part of the system that was corrupt to the core. Not only was her client denied what was rightfully hers, a CLEARLY innocent person was framed for the deed, but she was later framed and disbarred for even thinking of challenging the other person. Needless to say, Titania feels the need to purge such a system of this, by force. And what would you know, she built robots to fund her way through law school.
The stage will partially tell the story of that fatefully day through wanted posters/screens on the background and various other data on large screens.
Her own machine will be judge/police themes as well. I think I'll have her stand upright, maybe behind a bench on the top of the machine if I can figure out a way of making it not look like a weakspot (Or like you should be able to just shoot her directly)

Fortress Stage 8: War mongery
Artillery Militsia's domain.
Stage theme: Military Fortress.
Remember the tank (and possibly Copter) that appeared on Combats stage. Well if I decide both show, both will show here. But if the tank showed in combat it will be a copter here...
Because at the end of the stage, the drivers reveal themselves...
Artillery, despite her talent as a combat medic, has always been far more a fighter than a healer at heart. Its a shame the world she lives in has few place for soldiers anymore, especially human ones. Rose wants to change the world, and Artillery just wants to fight. And quite frankly, Artillery didn't want to wait until the fortress to start herself.
With that said... Artillery's tank and Combat's Copter fight together with as the fortress boss, each with their own health meter.

Fortress Stage 9: Final Stage?
Rose's domain. This is it the final stage. There will be a short stage before Rose, but its mostly just the final boss.
Rose was one of the team that developed the mistress type AI in the first place, however before it was completed she had a falling out with the team, was kicked out from the team, and denied her place among those credited with developing it. All because she wanted to take it farther than just the level of the master types. Farther than what she believed Dr. Light had taken AI *coughdidn'tknowaboutXcough* The stress prematurely greyed her. But she found others that could help her change things, give her the recognition she wanted, and the time and funding to further the mistress AI. But she'd have to take the world over first.

If all the hidden fortress mini-bosses have not have been defeated Rose's machine will be a two phase machine and the game will go to the ending (and the fortress will explode) after its defeat. If the hidden mini-bosses have been defeated, Rose and her machine will retreat after the first phase... and then...

Secret Fortress Stage: Archives
Crashina Crysis's Domain.
Crashina is the hidden tenth member of Rose's team. Rose's oldest and best friend, she serves as the teams communications, information gatherer and financier. She's also in charge of the team's back-up plan if they get caught... so she was SUPPOSED to get a signal the fortress was primed to explode after Rose's machine's first phase was defeated, so she can book it early. Unfortunately, destroying those mini-bosses disarmed the fortress' self destruct and Crashina never got the signal. Crashina's not engineering inclined, but as an brillaint hacker she's quite skilled in programming.
The start of Crashina's stage branches in two directions: Taking the forward branch leads right to Rose's 2nd phase, where she can be beaten normally.
Taking the downward path leads to...
the missing standard boss rush! Here holographic simulations of the 8 mistresses can be refought (possibly with tweaked AI) before challenging Crashina's Holographic defense system. Defeating Crashina's machine will open a way back to the other path, where Rose's still awaits. This time though... Rose has had time for minor upgrades and a paint job on her second phase machine making the battle more difficult. At this point I'm not sure if I'll give the repaired machine a capsule afterwards. Defeating this machine will result in a tweak to the ending and a few more unlocks.

The ending
Not sure how megaman's ending will go... because the other endings will reveal that rose's team "Dealt with" megaman by holding him hostage! So yeah... not sure how to deal with megaman's ending.

Difficulty settings
I plan on at least having
Easy- simpified levels and AI.
Normal-Normal difficulty
HardAdvanced enemy AI
*Borrowing terms and modes from others here:
Wut No hit mode
Lunatic Rebalanced weapon energy to encourage better aim, and limited energy for even standard buster weapons (in other words... missing is going to hurt)
Lunatic Wut Both Lunatic and Wut rules at once.
Full potato I'm considering showing the difference between real difficulty and artificial difficulty, and throw in a bunch of artifical difficulty over easy/normal mode and call it a difficulty setting as a joke. This is probably a BAD idea... but it might shut up people that think spikes everywhere is the only way to make a hard game and that this is too easy.

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