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 Post subject: Dimpsy's Virtual MM Fan Game Garage
PostPosted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:17 am 

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Hello, I'm new here. If you don't know me already I come from Sprites-INC, Cutstuff, Exploding Rabbit, and various other places. Though I normally take the name "VirtualSonic43" on those websites. Anyways, I'm here to propose my current Mega Man fan game ideas I have in mind that I want to make a reality in the future.

Mega Man : Ghost in the Machine
An attempt to crossover Mega Man with another franchise other than Sonic and My Little Pony, we now have Mega Man and Danny Phantom teaming up to defeat the bad guys, Dr. "Albert" Wily and Vlad. You get to play as both in a possibly MM7-style game going around Mega Man and Danny's worlds and taking down the Ghost-Bots. Danny Phantom would play as he did in the GBA sidescroller, "Danny Phantom : The Ultimate Enemy" but made into a more Mega Man-style form.
Though, Mega Man would play as he normally did in the NES games, with a possible upgrade in mind.
Right now this game doesn't really have much, as it's an early concept.

*Mega Man : Upgraded
A Wily Wars style game where you play as Mega Man (Maybe I'll consider other playables). Right now I have not considered much, besides a few things that will probably make this more unique from the rest of the Mega Man NES fan games out there.
This game is planned to feature the classic Rush utilities, Jet, Coil, and Marine. But it will also have MM6's Adapters, Jet and Power. And I'm still considering on adding the possibly scrapped, if not hoaxed idea for Rush Drill.
I also plan a few secret robot masters hidden in a few stages, and the Fortress bosses will consist of upgrades of characters you have already fought before.
Currently, I only have one Robot Master in mind, and that's Cosmic Man. I won't be showing his design just yet, but you'll see later on.

* = WIP Title

Anyways, what do you guys think so far? Any ideas for the two fan games I have currently? If so, please post some. And if you are a programmer, who is willing to make one of these a reality, please let me know.

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