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 Post subject: CF's Fan Game Bunker
PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:12 am 

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Over the years I've spent in the Mega Fandom (Hard to believe I've been here for so long), I've accumulated a large number of fan game ideas. I'm always eager to explain my ideas, talk about them and share them with others, so I figured I should post about them. For the record, only ideas I can realistically see myself wanting to take past conceptual phases will be here.

Plot/Setup: An alternate-universe concept based in a world of magic (And, perhaps more notably, my earliest fangame concept that I still care about). Elemental affinities, wizard battles, I'm pretty sure you know what a magic world is like. Mega Man is the human apprentice to Dr. Light, who is rivals with the nefarious evil wizard Dr. Wily. After hiring out eight magical mercenaries and capturing his nemesis personally, Mega Man takes up the staff of his master and sets out on a journey to rescue him.
Content/Interesting Attributes: In the initial game concept, the eight Magic Masters were based upon the Eight Major Elements: Pyro-Mancer, Cryo-Mancer, Aqua-Mancer, Terra-Mancer, Aero-Mancer, Electro-Mancer, Spectro-Mancer, and Necro-Mancer. This game didn't have a great deal that was unique to it; aside from the AU feel to the game, it would probably be fairly standard. However, it would contain a non-linear weakness cycle (Or at least the initial game concept, Wrath of the Elements, would).
What's Figured Out?: Pretty much every important AU character-concept from the original Mega Man has been nailed down, from Rock and Roll, to SunStar and Duo, to King and even Rockman Shadow.
How Serious am I About It?: My interest for MegaMagic has faded with time, but I still think that between the AU not really toyed with and the (Hopefully) fun gameplay would make it memorable.

Mega Man Malversation: The Trilogy
Plot/Setup: After the events of Mega Man 10, Rock and Roll experience an unusually long period of peace, which they use to get some family bonding in like they should have years ago. Eventually, she confesses to him a secret desire of hers—to wear his combat armor and feel like a hero for once—and he agrees to let her wear it. Disaster strikes when, as she wears it, she is forced into shutdown, and when she powers back on, becomes violent and runs off with a group of eight shady Robots. Mega Man, wearing a cobbled-together scrap armor in the absence of his own, tears through the mysterious Robots to reveal the face of a new villain—Dr. Coda, computer genius with a huge experience in robotics, artificial intelligence, and...hacking. He must brave this new foe and try to save Roll from his nefarious plans...and that is only the beginning game of a series of three.
Content/Interesting Attributes: The entirety of the MMMV plotline stretches across the course of three games. The story is an integral part of the game, but another important thing I'd be able to pride myself on would be excellent Robot design. Games after the first would feature Roll as a playable character, who has unique gameplay mechanics as she wields a sword and has not a gun to her name.
What's Figured Out?: There are lots of characters designed for this story (Conceptually rather than visually, that is). A few miscellaneous sprites have been made, but there is certainly not enough to start making a level.
How Serious am I About It?: Mega Man Malversation is my child, my pride and joy. Were I able to snap my fingers and have a small army of a devteam at my disposal, I would, in a heartbeat, tell them to make it first.

Mega Man: Making Life Hell
Plot/Setup: This one is the weakest link. The tentative plotline is that there's some Dr. Satan guy that builds Robots themed after the Seven Deadly Sins but dear lord is that generic. Were this game to be made, it'd need some working for the plotline.
Content/Interesting Attributes: Naturally, the game only contains seven Robot Masters, each one based upon a Deadly Sin. There really isn't a great deal that's interesting about this game as it was more about the Robots than anything else and even those weren't planned in a very in-depth way.
What's Figured Out?: Some attributes of some Robots were figured out. Details on this one are very scanty; it's probably the least detailed one as it stands.
How Serious am I About It?: In truth, I'm not too enthusiastic about this one, partially for the reason I can't come up with a really good, powerful plotline. I really like the idea of the Seven Deadly Sin Robots, though, and I'd like to see them in action.

Mega Man vs. Season Girls
Plot/Setup: This is effectively a cross between Mega Man and Aliceandsven's (Vastly underrated, were you to ask me) web series, This probably won't have much effect on you unless you're a fan of that as well. Without rambling on, it involves the shambling remains of an evil incarnate, Achlys, finding an equally injured Evil Energy Robot, the two fusing, and then returning to the world of the Season Girls to wreak havoc with mass mind control—and, of course, releasing enough Evil Energy to catch the eye of Duo. He rushes off to Earth to find one Robot he knows strong enough to remain just in the face of Evil: Mega Man.
Content/Interesting Attributes: The game, like MMxSF's Super Bars, would contain the added gimmick of every boss changing their moveset or using a rage move whenever a boss reached half health. Though aside from a few secret boss paths off of the 8 "Robot Master" stages, there would be nothing unusual about them. The game would contain two Fortresses (Both of which must be beaten to beat the game), an unlockable MM7-styled shop earned by defeating its keeper, and even a playable Duo. This game dreams big and has a lot of content, I know, but I think it could be done.
What's Figured Out?: Most of the bosses have been figured out by myself personally, though there are a few non-specifics I haven't thought too hard about.
How Serious am I About It?: I really like this idea, but the game would have to hold so much content that I would never in my right mind walk it alone.

Boss Rush Blues
Plot/Setup: Boss Rush Blues doesn't have a great degree of plot to it and is in fact not built with a plotline in mind. Were I to make one up, it would exist solely in the form of an introductory cutscene, where the Lights get word that Wily is planning a big attack, and Proto Man volunteers to infiltrate the Fortress and destroy whatever Wily's plotting before it can reach the city.
Content/Interesting Attributes: Boss Rush Blues is effectively a giant Boss Rush, similar to the Endless Attack. The game starts and Proto Man warps into a room with nine teleporters. Each one leads to a randomly selected boss from a HUGE list of bosses. The teleporter will give some form of indication as to who it leads to, perhaps either based on which game they're from or which type of boss they are. You enter the teleporter, you fight them, bing bom boom. Defeat them buster-only and you can claim their weapon in addition to your large health capsule--however, Proto can only hold eight weapons; once you have more, you'll have to make decisions of which ones you want to keep. After you defeat all nine bosses, an additional tenth teleporter will appear that leads to a randomly selected Fortress Boss. Defeat this guy with all your cunning and you're rewarded with a Break Room—an M-Tank, which you can use now or later.
What's Figured Out?: Given the simplicity of the idea...pretty much everything.
How Serious am I About It?: Boss Rush Blues, though a fun concept, isn't really something serious; it'd be a mini-game made as a side project of something bigger.

Riff's Return
Plot/Setup: Riff's Return, initially dubbed "Probertmang," was originally the result of the mashing together of four Rockman 2 hacks by Meg/Loveforever: Rockman EXILE, Robertman 2, Proto Man in Mega Man 2, and Mega Man in Java Island. The result was an unplayable abomination which collectively was named "Probertmang," which also became the name of the main protagonist. Since then, Probertmang has got an overhaul, and his name has been changed to Riff. The broken-world concept was played with, and eventually it was decided that Riff could star in his own off-shoot game—a Mega Man fangame only in the sense that it plays like a Mega Man game. The sinister Dr. Whicon and his Robot Men soldiers have marched the streets for many years, but from the junkyards of the city, a hero emerges. In order to save the city, Rifon, the first Robot Man, must become someone he's not...and thus, Riff's battle to save Ceratoria begins.
Content/Interesting Attributes: The game, in addition to the standard eight "Robot Men" and the Fortress, would contain four Doc Robot-esque inbetween stages—in order to infiltrate Dr. Whicon's War Fort, the player must destroy four shield generators in towers surrounding the building, guarded by the four Tower Guardians, who also yield weapons upon defeat. In addition, Riff is a playable character, the sole playable character, who will have a different playstyle from anything seen before.
What's Figured Out?: Character concepts are almost completely finished, and some characters have (If very rough) sprites.
How Serious am I About It?: I believe that the idea can be going places. However, the fate of Riff is ultimately up to his accidental creator, Meg.

Miscellaneous Concepts and Ideas
These unfortunate scattered bits were left without a game to attach to, but I still really like them/would like to experiment with them, so I'll write them down here.
> Mega Man Killer: Chiptune. Built shortly after Ballade's betrayal and untimely death, Chiptune studied for years and built his own weapons by hand. Knowing his strength wasn't enough, he built a chip that boosted his own power exponentially—then decided not to use it, as he wanted to beat his foe with minimal effort. In-game, he would take on a role similar to MM7 Bass, fighting the player a minimum of twice throughout the game.
> For a darker sort of Mega Man game, the player would start in the Fortress, with all weapons already at the ready, and advance through the whole stage before the boss—a blur, too quick to be seen—attacks, defeats, and captures him. The player would wake up in a prison cell to find their weapons stripped away, upgraded versions of the Robots they had "already defeated" back on the street—in other words, Wily is clearly winning the war on Monsteropolis for once. Where is the Blue Bomber when the world needs him most?
> As a very tentative idea, a game where the Robots, in addition to their weapon, also give something that inhibits the player's playing somehow. This would add an even more interesting dynamic to the game, as you would have to strategize which Robots you want to take out in what order, because each one powers you down a little more. Naturally, it could not work out at all and be pretty terrible...
> Back when I had the idea for a Mega Man/Elebits crossover (Stop laughing at me, it was my first fangame idea ever), it had the added gameplay mechanic of longer stages and a limited battery life which you had to keep running the Elebits way: by collecting objects or creatures with your Capture Gun, controlled by the mouse. Naturally, the concept using Elebits was kind of silly, and no one likes a longer stage, but I still wonder if the gameplay mechanic could be made interesting...

Well, that's all, that's my whole fangame spiel. Anything catch your eye?

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